Event Booking


North Yorkshire Rotters can attend and provide a wide range of free events which include;

School workshops – Waste is something that each and every one of us produce, pretty much every day of our lives and yet no one talks to our young people about it and the impacts that their wastes has on the planet. NY Rotters often spend one or two days at a school and provide our presentations to the whole school, including Early Years through to Year 6. We would also be happy to work with older age groups should any secondary schools wish the NY Rotters to attend their school and provide a presentation.

The NY Rotters will typically work in year groups of around 30 children, volunteers will provide a mix of activities over one hour which includes;

  • 20 minute presentation on the national LoveFoodHateWaste campaign, where we follow the supply chain of bananas from their country of origin to the UK and highlight that the UK throws away over 1,000,000 bananas every day. We also look at the 10 most wasted food types in the UK.
  • 20 minutes on the importance of home composting and the vital role that worms play in the health of a garden, primary age children can make a mini wormery which they can take home with them.
  • 20 minutes making a fruit smoothie using ripe fruit and pedal power on the ’Smoothie bike’.

Community group talks – NY Rotters volunteers attend a wide range of community groups including; Women’s Institute (WI), church groups, allotment and gardening groups, climate action groups also youth groups Scout and Guides etc., where we  provide a Powerpoint presentation covering both the importance that;

  • Home Composting plays in the sustainable management of garden and kitchen green wastes, a process which provides a peat free compost which has not cost anything to produce and has also reduced our individual carbon footprint.
  • Reducing food waste is an international issue which each and every-one of us can take personal action on. The UK national LoveFoodHateWaste campaign aims to reduce the amount of food which we all waste by making just 6 simple changes to the way in which we buy, store and cook food, reducing the impact of climate change on the planet and how this can save everyone a significant amount of money every year.

Country Shows, village action days and market stalls – as 70% of all food waste is produced in households and not in the supply chain it is important that the NY Rotters talk to members of the public. Only by engaging with residents of North Yorkshire and raising the people’s awareness of the relationship between food waste and climate change can we initiate the change that needs to take place. To that end the NY Rotters attend a wide range of community events across North Yorkshire every year to raise awareness around food waste and the benefits of home composting.

The Rotters can attend events during the week and weekends, including evenings, in North Yorkshire with an information stand and gazebo to promote the campaigns.

If you would like to book the Rotters to attend your event free of charge, please contact us to arrange a date and time.

Contact details:

Jeff Coates, Volunteer Coordinator, North Yorkshire Rotters

North Yorkshire Council, County Hall, Northallerton, DL7 8AD

Telephone: 01609 797212 / Mobile: 07807 084307

Email: nyrotters@northyorks.gov.uk