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Black Gold by Fiona Kearns

Composting’s beneficial and it’s free,

an incredibly simple recipe.

Not top secret so it’s not guarded,

starts with things that you’ve discarded.

Kitchen scraps of veg and fruit;

tea bags too, all contribute;

old spent plants and rhubarb leaves;

fresh grass cuttings and annual weeds;

Coffee grounds from your morning cup

and paper filters all cut up;

plant clippings from stems to petals;

don’t forget those stinging nettles!

They’re the Greens, so now Part B,

B is for browns, a necessity.

Providing carbon and fibre as well,

adding these removes all smell.

Straw or hay from your pet’s bedding;

fur or feathers that are also shedding;

shredded bills and old love letters

scrunched up making air flow better.

Cardboard, napkins ‘n’ loo roll inners,

don’t be adding your cooked meat dinners!

Nothing rotting or diseased like that,

nor the poo from your dog or cat!

The key to it all is to balance the mix,

something which you can always fix.

Always a remedy, no need to fret,

add more browns if pile’s too wet.

If ants appear, the pile’s too dry,

moisture you’ll then need apply.

Mix it up then leave to rot,

there’ll be compost for your plot.

Plants grow stronger and nutrient dense,

benefits to garden are immense.

Compost’s created from the heat,

better than using dug out peat.

Good for everyone young and old,

Nature’s alchemy creates Black Gold.